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Drama at Durban beach pier
Two Johannesburg men have been injured after being battered against the barnacle-covered columns underneath Durban’s North Beach Pier, reports
the National Sea Rescue Institute.
The NSRI responded to a call at 3.30am after an angler found the two men clinging to the North Beach pier columns and being battered against the columns
by waves while trying to get to shore. Rescue officers found both men safely ashore when they arrived on the scene but both men were suffering from
multiple lacerations and hypothermia. The men were taken to St Augustines hospital where they are in a stable condition. 
The two Johannesburg men, a 20-year-old and a 32-year-old, believed to be from Honeydew, had apparently jumped off the North Beach Pier to go
for a swim but had found themselves being battered against the pier’s columns. The men managed to swim from column to column trying to get
ashore but at the same time they were battered against the columns by the incoming waves sustaining lacerations from the barnacles on the columns.
Source: The Times


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