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The Rand Water Foundation (RWF) represents Rand Water s’ CSI legal entity, and it exists to carry out the social responsibility role of Rand Water. The Foundation is mandated to: promote and support the delivery of water related services to communities in the areas falling within and outside Rand Water’s area of supply; coordinate, administer and manage Rand Water’s Corporate Social Investment resources by undertaking community development projects in   partnership with various donors and relevant stakeholders. Rand Water Foundation is a vehicle through which Rand Water fulfills its commitment to helping Government in achieving its vision of a better life for all, by promoting job creation, skills transfer, enterprise development, community capacity building, and poverty eradication among communities .
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Rand Water implemented an e-Tendering Solution Suite

Rand Water implemented an e-Tendering Solution Suite. The suite will result in Suppliers bidding online via a portal

  • Suppliers will have to register on the Centralised Supplier Database (CSD) on as per National Treasury Requirements.
  • Suppliers will respond in e-Tendering, to register with real-time responses and gain access to quotations.
  • Tenders will be sent to advertising mediums automatically for advertising.
  • Tenders will be submitted and printed via e-Tendering view tenders.

 Click here for Supplier guide

Click here for supplier quick guide on responding to quotations  


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