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Commercial Equity
Who then are the Previously Disadvantaged Individuals?
These are South African citizens who were socially, politically and economically disadvantaged by the legacy of the political dispensation prior to April 28, 1994.
What is participation of Previously Disadvantaged Individuals in enterprises?
Participation will be reflected by the combination of the following factors/activities in each enterprise under consideration:
·  Equity ownership, source of capital (equity or/and loan).
·  Management at executive level i.e. decision making and risk taking.
·  Women equity ownership.
·  Equity ownership by the disabled.
·  Purchases made from Previously Disadvantaged Individuals.
·  Subcontracting to Previously Disadvantaged Individuals.
·  Transfer of skills to Previously Disadvantaged Individuals.
·  Joint ventures with enterprises owned or managed by Previously Disadvantaged Individuals.
What business opportunities are there in Rand Water?
The needs at Rand Water range from pins and staples to reservoir building and pipelines construction. This would also include consultancy work like Engineering, Public Relations and Human Resources, etc.
What then?
If you believe your enterprise has the correct profile and are interested in being put on the Rand Water database, please fill in these forms and send or fax them to the details provided below.
Commercial Equity Section
P O Box 1127
Tel: (011) 682-0581
Fax: (011) 682 0646



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