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Rand Water, in collaboration with international academies, training institutions and universities, will provide opportunities to employees in order to:
·          Promote international co-operation between water sector bulk suppliers,
·          Share water sector best-practices, and
·          Introduce new or improved technical and/or management skills.
Collaboration is the key to all progress. The Professional Exchange Hub aims to create an environment where ideas are shared not just within the Academy and South Africa but within the global context. To address the challenges of international exposure and development, the Professional Exchange Hub invites international resources to practise in our country and enables experts to do the same within the global water industry; thus ensuring that knowledge and expertise is the domain of all.
This unit is established to provide water and sanitation training solutions to the sector. The WAT/SAN Solutions Unit is a team of scientists, engineers, artisans, process controllers and other specialists who will work to provide ad-hoc specialist training solutions within the sector. This unit is geared up to consult, initiate projects and undertake research development to find real solutions to very real problems with the help of existing resources within Rand Water.
Water Sector Needs in Africa
Rand Water has identified the following key issues within the Africa continent that require urgent attention
Low or no capacity to source and purify drinking water;
·          In some African countries there are available water resources, but no efficient standards and guidelines to purify it into drinking water or to meet the stringent drinking water standards;
·          Poor water management that affects economic development;
·          Poor water quality leads to deadly epidemics or outbreaks of water-borne diseases;
·          Poor asset infrastructure management of water systems; and
·          Limited qualified professional resources to undertake sector objectives.
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