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Artisan Development Programmes
·          Electrical
·          Instrumentation
·          Fitting and Turning
Graduate Internship Programmes
·          Accounting
·          Engineering
·          Information Technology
·          Law
·          Human Resources
·          Law/Legal
·          Science
Process Controllers
·          Process Controller Training Programmes (Both water and wastewater)
Technical Training
·          Laboratory Set-up and Management
·          Simulations
·          Basic Water Laboratory Training: Bench-top and Portable
·          Basic Water Treatment Training
·          Basic Wastewater Laboratory Training: Bench-top and Portable
·          Basic Wastewater Treatment Training
·          Advanced Water Treatment Training
·          Advanced Wastewater Treatment Training
·          Algae and Cyanobacteria Identification and Enumeration Training
·          Basic Microbial Identification and Enumeration Training
·          Water Borne Pathogens
·          Water Demand Management
·          Catchment Monitoring
Technical / Scientific Report Writing
·          Project Proposal
·          Dissertations and Thesis
·          Abstracts
·          Conference Posters
·          Conference Oral Presentations
Research and Development
·          Assistance with Masters- and Doctorate Research Projects (e.g. current projects with University of Johannesburg and North-West     University)
·          Assistance with Publications/Manuscripts for Local and International Journals
·          Manuscript Peer reviews for journals, universities and other research institutions
·          Field excursions and Sampling Trips
·          Catchment Studies
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