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How to Apply
Applicants should submit a proposal, which describes a particular focus area of need and includes as much of the following information as is possible:
  • Background information on the organisation and project; its aims and objectives; when it was established; its track record; achievements to date; and measurable impacts of work undertaken;
  • A certified copy of the organisation's constitution with a list of trustees/management committee; annual report,
  • A signed copy of the organisation's most recent audited financial results;
  • Confirmation of the organisation's registration in terms of Section 30 of the Income Tax Act (Public Benefit Organisation) or Section 18A of the Income Tax Act; nature and detail of organisation's registration (NPO, Companies Act, etc)
  • An income and expenditure budget for the current financial year for the organisation;
  • A detailed itemised income and expenditure budget for the specific project component for which funds are being sought;
  • The organisation's bank account details;
  • Any other supporting information which may help the Foundation to understand the work of the organisation, list of other donors/Funders, any previous funding or other relationship with Rand Water
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