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Payment of February Stipend Update
Dear WOL Learners
Rand Water is pleased to advise that payment in respect of the above has been received from the Department of Water and Sanitation. Rand Water will process all stipend payments to learners from Thursday onwards.
We apologise sincerely for the inconvenience caused to all learners during this period.

WOL contact centre
Dear WOL Trainee
Please note that the WOL contact centre number 010 822 4990 is now operational.
The following are the alternative WOL contact centre details for your use:
Landline: 011 724 9618
Cell: 082 304 7526

Re:Stipend Payment update for January 2018
Dear Trainee
Kindly be advised that due to a minor technical  challenge, the January 2018 stipend payment to some eligible learners will be processed on the 24th of January during the course of the day, as opposed to early in the morning. All stipend payments will be processed by 24 January 2018 to eligible learners.
...Click here to read more

Dear Trainee,
Rand Water cannot approve leave applications while you are undertaking workplace training at host companies. Rand Water will therefore not approve blanket leave during the festive season.

Dear Trainee
Please be advised that the unauthorized absenteeism for the period 12 June to 23 June 2017 will be deducted from your stipend payable on 22 December 2017.

Payment of December 2017 Stipend
Please note that the payment of stipends for December 2017 will be effected on 22 December 2017.

Re: Loans
Dear Trainee
The War on Leaks (WOL) Contact Centre is receiving high volumes of calls from financial institutions requesting employment confirmation for the purposes of loans and other related finance applications.

Re: Placement
Dear Trainee
Work placement is essential for your to gain the practical exposure you need to qualify in your chosen career. Rand Water together with our service placement partners are currently negotiating work experience for you at various institutions at no cost to you.

Re: December leave for placed trainee
Dear Trainee
Rand Water cannot approve leave applications while you are undertaking workplace training at host companies.

Re: Unprotected strike actions and picketing
Dear Trainee
Your training and work placement is essential for you to gain the necessary exposure you need to qualify in your choosen career.

Re: War On Leaks Phase 3 Intake
To the Public 
Kindly be advised that there are false WOL advertisements posted on various online platforms regarding the recruitment of the WOL Phase 3 intake of 5000 trainees.

Re: Placement Letters Distribution Centres
Dear Phase 2 Water Agent
Please note that as previously communicated, the appointed service providers Ebony and Ivory, eNtsika and Khula Nonke will be distributing placement letters between 20 and 30 June 2017.

Dear WOL Trainees 28 July 2017
Please click here to see responses to common trainee concerns.

Dear Trainee 24 July 2017
Thank You
We would like to take this opportunity to commend all the WOL trainees for their unwavering resilience, focus and active participation in the programme to date.

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