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You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these publications.

If you have already installed the Adobe Acrobat Viewer, you can download the pages by clicking the links below. For ease of use the material has been broken down into various sections as described below.



·    Be Water Wise" – Amount of Water used in a house

·    How is Tap Water Cleaned?

·    Where do we get our Drinking Water from?

·    How is Wastewater Cleaned?  

·    Water Wise Pledge





Kilburn Dam

with the hydroelectric


 station within the

 mountain below




Producing electricity

 from water using a small hydroelectric plant





Driekloof Dam

spilling over a weir into the Sterkfontein Dam





The Katse Dam

in Lesotho





The Muela Dam

in Lesotho




Water from

Lesotho flowing into the Ash River



The Vaal River

Barrage Reservoir





  The Vaal Dam




A Rand Water Purification Station




 Rand Water pipeline



Planet Earth

from space





A reservoir being built



Clean, healthy

tap water



A cross section

 of a tap



A 'dual flush' toilet and a calabash basin



A wastewater

treatment works



The Vaal River



Litter in the Vaal River



A dam covered with duckweed, an invasive plant that thrives in water with high levels of nutrients.



Mining has an

impact on rivers



Industry has an

impact on rivers



Accidental water pollution


An informal settlement



A fish kill due to

a lack of

 oxygen in the water



Water is life



Water means food



The effects of drought



The damage of floods



A Wetland



A windmill drawing

up underground

 water into a tank



Pumping water from

 a rural borehole



The Water Cycle



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