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The Rand Water Foundation is calling for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to submit applications for funding
The Foundation was established to undertake Rand Water’s Corporate Social Investment Programme. The Foundation recognises the role played by NGOs in uplifting and developing communities through the provision of community development based projects, in particular the most marginalised and the vulnerable.
The Foundation is mandated to:
·          Promote the delivery of water related services to communities in the areas falling within and outside Rand Water’s area of supply;
·          Coordinate, administer and manage Rand Water’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) resources by undertaking community development projects in   partnership with various donors and relevant stakeholders.
·          Play a strategic developmental role that may require decisions that are not always optimal from a commercial perspective, but contribute to Rand Water’s socio economic developmental imperatives, Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS)’s developmental priorities, and National Government’s broader objectives and the growth and development in South Africa and Africa.
To become a socio-economic change agent of Rand Water signifying care and quality in eradicating poverty, and improving living standards within communities.
Mission Statement
The Rand Water Foundation serves to advance the quality of life of communities and their surrounds; through partnerships; leading to sustainable provision and management of water, sanitation and environment, contributing towards job creation, transfer of skills and poverty eradication.
RWF Stands for:
·          Caring.
·          Transparency & Accountability.
·          Development & Empowerment.
·          Partnerships
·          Quality Assurance.
Strategic Agenda:
The Rand Water Foundation Strategy entails:
§   Support of the core business of Rand Water being bulk water supply and sanitation solutions.


§ Developmental impact and sustainability on communities within and outside RW’s area of supply.
§   Primary focus on water, sanitation and environmental interventions at community level.
§    Hands Up, than Hands Out community development approach”.


Rand Water Foundation strategic interventions carry both elements of social transformation, and capacity building, towards enterprise development in them, drawing in service providers from previously disadvantaged communities through preferential procurement processes, contributing towards both social and economic development of communities. 

Key Focus Areas:
Water and Sanitation: Supports the provision of water and basic sanitation in communities while maximizing citizens’ access to water and proper sanitation.
Projects include; Community Basic Sanitation (Schools, Households and Clinics); Municipal Support through Capacity Building on Wastewater Treatment plants maintenance and operations; Rainwater Harvesting; Fixing of Domestic Water Leaks; and Rural Communities Water Supply.           
Environmental Conservation:  Refers to safeguarding the inter-dependence of ecology, and creation of pleasant and healthy surrounds through the following projects: Biodiversity Protection, Rural and Urban Landscaping and Greening, Wetlands Rehabilitation, Management of Alien Vegetation, River Cleaning initiatives, and Environmental Educational initiatives.
Enterprise Development: This programme entails developmental activities aimed at enabling and promoting an empowering environment for emerging entrepreneurs, enhancing competitiveness and capabilities at an entrepreneurship level including Cooperative Development.
Education and Trainining: Contributes towards quality of basic education within the country.  The Programme Supports primary, and secondary education.
Health, including HIV and AIDS: Support health initiatives undertaken within communities by government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The programme contributes towards combating HIV & AIDS, malaria and other diseases through interventions such as awareness campaigns on these diseases, preventative and support measures.
Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) Support Programme: Aimed at supporting special community based projects through funding/grants, as well as training and development.


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