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Rand Water has over the years communicated with its customers the need to reduce consumption and water wastages. The hot summer months present a persisting challenge where usage of water goes up due to behavioural pattern inconsistent with the country’s water scarcity. It is a fact that South Africa is ranked as one of the driest countries in the world. However, South Africa continues to be amongst the highest consumers of potable (clean) water despite the limited availability of this precious resource.

The Foundation is on journey to becoming a National Water Sanitation and Hygiene(Wash) Centre of Excellence ensuring Communities' access to clean and safe drinking water, Adequate and dignified sanitation facililities for vulnerable communities; Prevention of water sources contamination, and Promoting hand-washing for behavioral change on personal hygiene through; Business partnerships development for WASH, a socio-economic development model intergrating water, sanitation and hygiene intervetions through entrepreneurship and the NGOs' sector as service delivery partners. 
Closing Date 06 October 2021 
In response to the increasing Covid – 19 third wave exposure of our Customer Service Center staff, you are hereby advised that the Rand Water Customer Service Center number 0860 10 10 60 is temporarily unavailable with immediate effect.  Please email all your enquiries to:

Rand Water is urging consumers to beware of misleading marketing initiatives aimed at promoting the use of home-based water treatment devices.  Home water treatment devices provide no benefit to consumers as the water supplied by Rand Water undergoes through a rigorous purification processes before distribution to its customers.
Traders use ambiguous statements to market home-based water treatment devices such as domestic water filters for “health reasons”.  These statements often mislead consumers into purchasing water treatment devices that provide no benefits.
In some cases, traders promote sales of water treatment devices by demonstrating how the colour of tap water changes into an undesirable state, and then show how their water treatment filters are able to correct this.  This leads to consumers believing that the tap water contains harmful particles.  The change in colour is due to naturally occurring minerals in drinking water such as calcium, potassium and sulfate which the human body requires.
Most of the purification systems may leave the consumer with distilled water, which is deionized water – water that lacks mineral content. 
Home-based water treatment devices have a limited lifespan, and if not maintained in line with the suppliers’ directives may cause a deterioration in the quality of water. Sometimes the water treatment devices could become contaminated with bacteria or with viruses.

28 May 2021
The National Treasury informed public entities through Instruction No. 01 of 2021-22 Departure from Advertisement of tenders on GTB and e-Tenders (dated 12 May 2021) of the e-Tender Publication Portal’s fatal crash that took place on 05 March 2021. The National Treasury has informed public entities to use their own institutional websites and/or any other means for bid advertisements, bid awards and related notifications.
Suppliers are hereby notified that Rand Water continues to advertise bids on the Rand Water website. Bid Documents are now also published on the Rand Water website and are accessible for downloading. Please also refer to the Guide for Accessing Bid Documents and Related Information on the Rand Water Website. Suppliers are encouraged to check the Bid Documents webpage periodically before the closing date of a bid for any further information including addenda or notices of extension of closing date.
For any assistance with accessing documents, suppliers can enquire with Rand Water officials responsible for the specific bids as outlined on the bid advertisement.




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