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Rand Water takes a holistic concept to wellness. Programmes are run to address the physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and financial wellbeing of employees.

Rand Water has a strong focus on the wellbeing of its employees, evidenced in the comprehensive workplace programmes and benefits.



Rand water is approximately 77.5% unionised with two recognised trade unions, SAMWU and UASA. 

Rand Water has a relationship with unions where a collective Bargaining as well as a Participative Management framework of operation is in place.

Participative Management

The Participation, Co-operation and Partnership (PCP) structures and processes provide a platform for consultation, information-sharing and joint problem-solving, accommodating the interests of both management and trade unions when seeking consensus on matters and policy issues that affect the working lives of employees at Rand Water.

Collective Bargaining

Issues of employee interest such as salary negotiations are discussed at a joint forum where ultimately a consensus is reached.

Medical Aid

The Rand Water Medical Scheme is a not for profit restricted scheme catering specifically for the employees and their immediate families. It was founded in 1918 and is registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998, as amended. The Medical Scheme has approximately 2800 members covering just fewer than 7000 lives.

The Medical Scheme offers 2 benefits options to members. These are:-

 Option A – a traditional medical plan covering a range of in and out of hospital benefits.



Option B – benefits restricted to a preferred provider, covering generally minimum benefits.

For specific ailments, the Medical Scheme Option A has contracted specific Service Providers who give you holistic managed health care as follows :-

·         Centre for Diabetes (CDE) – diabetic medical aid members are requested to join this specialist programme.
·          Aid for Aids – Our HIV/AIDS members are requested to join this programme and encouraged to live a healthier life with counselling provided.
·          Managed Healthcare Systems (MHS) – The designated provider for all your hospitalisation requirements.
·         MediKredit - to assist members to manage their pharmacy medicine benefits(acute and chronic)

Click here to see Pharmarcy Network List

Provident Fund


The Rand Water Provident Fund is a defined contribution fund with a defined employer and employee contribution rate. The Fund provides retirement, death, disability and withdrawal benefits to members and their dependants.

The Fund is as a privately administered fund in terms of the Pension Funds Act 1956.  It is administered internally by Rand Water who are registered Administrators in terms of Section 13B of the Pension Funds Act 1956.

The Fund is governed by the Board of Trustees which consists of 5 member elected trustees and 5 employer nominated trustees.

The Fund’s membership at the last financial year end, 30 June 2008, reflected a membership of 2174.  Total contributions received by the Fund for the year was R68.5m. The members contribute 8% of pensionable emoluments and the employer contributes 15.87% for majority of the members. Employees’ bonuses are pensionable. The total asset value of the Fund at 30 June 2008 was R636m.


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