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About War on Leaks

The WOL project will proactively challenge and minimize water losses in the country - a liability with a national average of 37% and a cost implication in access of R7 billion. Within a five (5) year project lifespan, 15 000 trainees will be trained within three disciplines to ensure that South Africa’s Water and Sanitation Sector is equipped with a competent arsenal of skills and capacity.

Recruitment of trainees onto the project has commenced and a three-phased approach has been identified for the recruitment, training and deployment of trainees across all disciplines, i.e. Plumbers, Artisans and Water Agents, over the project period.

The distribution in terms of numbers recruited, trained and deployed over the five year project period will be a 3000 intake (2015/16), followed by a 7000 intake (2016/17), and finally a 5000 intake (2017/18). These will make up the total of 15 000 recruited learners as mentioned by the President at the WOL project launch event on 28 August 2015.

Project Strategic Objectives

·         Recruit 15 000 youth and citizens.
·         Train and develop competencies for the youth in artisan, plumber and water agent fields.
·         Drive sustainability and viability for youth and citizens contracted on the project.
·         Foster water conservation/water demand management advocacy.
·         Promote better water management and water use efficiency through innovation and best fit technology.
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