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      Key Focus Area

1    1.    Recruitment

A short- and long-term recruitment strategy has been developed to ensure the recruitment of all 15000
trainees across the country. The short term strategy is projected from September to December 2015, while
the long-term strategy is forecasted from January 2016 and beyond. Trainees will be recruited and placed in
accordance to the water loss situation within their respective municipalities.
2.    Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholders will be engaged from a regional clustering perspective as follows:
·         Coastal regions (KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape).
·         Inland regions (Northern Cape, North West and Free State).
·         Northern regions (Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo).
Different levels of engagement are adopted based on the nature of the stakeholder and the intended outcomes.
3.    Sustainability
Sustainability plans will ensure that all Plumbers, Artisans and Water Agents are sustained post the
training period in one way or another. A sustainability strategic document focusing on the placement and
entrepreneurship components for the learners post the training period will guarantee the
conceptualization of the milestones below:
·         Research and literature review 
·         Water Agent Placement Implementation Plan
·         Plumbers & Artisans Placement Implementation Plan
·         Business Development and Entrepreneurship Implementation Plan
4.    Monitoring and evaluation
An M&E plan with detailed information relating to indicators, data management, and evaluations ensures
that all activities and outcomes are constantly monitored and evaluated throughout all the different
project phases from initiation to close-out.
5.    Quality control
Internal RW audits will be conducted randomly to ensure that the project is governed and rolled out
correctly. Project policies and procedures are aligned to those of Rand Water. The EWSETA will be
responsible for thedevelopment of the training material and the training itself.
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