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Storage System Management


The Rand Water network comprises of three primary systems for raw water abstraction and treatment (two treatment stations), one southerly sub-system and four main booster systems for bulk distribution

Raw water is drawn primarily from the Vaal River System via two treatment stations: Zuikerbosch and Vereeniging.  These stations abstract, purify and pump 98% (±4320 Mℓ/d in 2016/17) of the total water supplied through the Rand Water Network. 

About 90% of this water is further pumped by four booster stations situated on the southern side of the Witwatersrand ridge, namely Eikenhof (1 100 Mℓ/d), Zwartkopjes (620 Mℓ/d), Palmiet (1 600 Mℓ/d) and Mapleton (700 Mℓ/d) pumping stations. The remaining water (300 Mℓ/d) is for the Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark and Sasolburg system (VVS) as well as customers located en-route to the four main booster stations.







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